Dec 022010

She already spent several days in these inquisition torture chambers and each time she experiences new medieval punishment. This time interrogators suspended her for sadistic whipping. Her naked body is already covered with bloody welts but they aren’t going to stop their punishment until they get proper confession. Since she is tied in strappado bondage and her arms are twisted above her head she feels additional pain from it. Without any doubts very soon she would tell everything that these cruel soldiers want to know. Just take a look at that gorgeous body that is sadistically ruined with lashing and other brutal medieval torments!

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Nov 142010

If only she knew before that inquisition monks would be passing through that forest today. She was collecting herbs and monks accused her in witchcraft. They immediately capture her and restraint against the tree. They have everything that is required for proper medieval punishment so poor girl has to endure heavy pain and discomfort now. Cruel monks tear all her clothes apart and redhead beauty is tied to the tree and fully exposed for breast and pussy whipping. That is a pretty painful torment but it is nothing comparing to water torture that she must endure later. After she is filled with water monks start to choke her with a rope making her suffering truly unbearable.

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Nov 132010

medieval water punishment of innocent girl

Today all the inquisition team gathers together to interrogate and get full confession from recently accused female which had undoubted contact with devil and must be punished for that. Her attractive naked body is fixed on the stretching torture rack, her ankles and arms are tied to this device really right so nothing can disturb monks and prevent them from getting all the information. Today they are going to use perverted water torture and insert funnel in the mouth of helpless victim. Huge amount of water flows inside and poor girl barely can breath now. However it is not the end of medieval punishment yet, monks put heavy weight on her belly inflicting terrible sufferings and in the same time torture her with vaginal insertions making her scream with pain and choke with all this water in throat. You like this exciting medieval tortures you can watch it in full time video on this exclusive bondage fantasy site.

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Nov 062010

medieval punishment with stinging nettle

Inquisition interrogator knows what they do and each time they invent more and more cruel methods of  medieval punishment of their female prisoners. This time they crucified accused woman and her naked body is exposed for their torments. Monks decide to blindfold her to make this execution more scary and one of them takes stinging nettle and hits all over her nude body and don’t forget most intimate spots. In a matter of second poor victim begins to scream and beg for mercy, her breasts and shaved pussy burn, she suffers from terrible pain, but has no idea what is happening to her. Cruel men are content with results of their medieval punishment but want to inflict more pain to get confession in all since and they clamp pussy lips of sinful witch with clothespins which makes her cry and finally tell them everything they need. You can watch this amazing scene of medieval interrogation on video available on this fantasy bdsm site.

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Oct 302010

medieval punishment of mature women accused by inquisition

This MILF was captured by representatives of inquisition on her way to another village, they suspect her in witchcraft and sinful sex orgies, that is why she is taken to the inquisition prison for interrogation. She is thrown in the dark cell and wait for her destiny while inquisition monks decide what to do with her. The decision is to question her using some physical interrogation methods common for medieval times so poor woman is brought to the torture chamber, all her clothes is ripped apart and she is chained against the wall with metal collar on her neck. She is really scared and has no idea what can happen now. Soon cruel brunette woman comes into play and brings heavy whips for medieval punishment and captured witch screams of pain while whipped hard by this mistress and two monks. If you truly enjoy scenes of medieval tortures you should visit this outstanding fantasy bdsm site now

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Oct 232010

medieval punishment and inspection on public

Inquisition soldiers and monks were sitting in the tavern when one if them suspected pretty blonde barmaid in witch craft and they decided to examine her body for the marks of devil. Poor girl refuses and tries to escape but it is almost impossible and one of monks takes out thumbscrewer from his bag and fixes girl’s hand in it. Now she can’t run away and soldiers rips her clothes and spread her legs wide right in the middle of tavern. Scared woman is exposed to everyone who is inside and they can see her shaved pussy and round firm tits. Inquisitors inspect all part of her body and even spread her pussy lips to check her cunt inside. If you enjoy this scene of medieval punishment on public – check this fantasy bdsm site for more pictures and videos.

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Oct 162010

witch's pussy is tormented with faling candle

Heavily whipped witch is fixed on the torture rack and strict inquisitor are expecting her naked body carefully. They want to find marks of devil on her attractive body and prove that she is real witch. They inspect every inch and look in every spot including her pussy. Since this girl has quite hairy cunt they need to remove her pubic hair and they decide to burn it with flame. They bring flaming candle and put her pubic hair on fire. Poor victim screams with terrible pain but nothing can stop inquisitors. Monk spread her legs even wider and check what she got there… Watch the full scene of flame torture medieval punishment on this exclusive fantasy bdsm site.

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Oct 092010

medieval punishment on the torture rack

Cruel torments of beautiful but sinful witches are continued in the dark chamber of inquisition. Monks know for sure that patience in tortures is the key to the confession so they never give up in breaking the will of their prisoners. This woman is tough and doesn’t want to tell the real truth about her demonic magic but it doesn’t matter actually. Monk put her in the torture rack and stretch painfully, she is left there for hour and after that they bring new suffering to her body by pouring it with hots was. The don’t miss her nipples and even shaved cunt and make her scream and finally confess in her evil deeds. The job is done now they would sentence her for medieval punishment… Watch the full scnene if these brutal tortures on unique fantasy bdsm site here

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Oct 022010

medieval punishment with heavy lashing with whip

New accused witch is lashed hard in the torture chamber by inquisition soldiers. She gets her medieval punishment because she didn’t want to go with soldiers to the inquisition prison and now it is payback for her disobedience. She is wearing ling dress but as soon as soldiers start to whip her, it gets ripped apart and finally we can see her gorgeous nude body covered with red stripes left by heavy whip on her tender skin. She already can’t scream with pain but only moan and finally falls unconscious on the dirty floor and locked in the prison cell. If you truly enjoy brutal and perverted inquisition tortures and punishment you should visit this amazing unique fantasy bdsm site right now.

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Sep 252010

medieval punishment with burning candles

Everyone knows that fire can purify so do consider inquisition monks and today they want to help black witch with cleansing her soul from evil deeds. They suspend her perfect ebony body with her head down and heavy metal ball attached to her arms and her her pussy and asshole are wide open and vulnerable. Interrogators inserts huge burning candles in both her holes making her scream while these big objects tear her cunt and butthole apart. She is left hanging in such humiliating and painful position and hot wax slowly flows down and burn her sensitive slit and anus making her scream with pain and beg to release. Watch more exciting fantasy bdsm torture scenes on this amazing adult site.

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