Nov 142010

If only she knew before that inquisition monks would be passing through that forest today. She was collecting herbs and monks accused her in witchcraft. They immediately capture her and restraint against the tree. They have everything that is required for proper medieval punishment so poor girl has to endure heavy pain and discomfort now. Cruel monks tear all her clothes apart and redhead beauty is tied to the tree and fully exposed for breast and pussy whipping. That is a pretty painful torment but it is nothing comparing to water torture that she must endure later. After she is filled with water monks start to choke her with a rope making her suffering truly unbearable.

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Sep 042010

medieval punishment with rotten water and breast torture

This is really terrible day for this young witch, she is locked in the torture chamber for incredible suffering and cruel tortures invented by inquisition monks and their mistress specially for her. They bring this totally humiliated and scared victim to the chamber of tortures and fix on the wooden cross making her immobile and available for medieval punishment. First they torture her breasts with perverted metal device which squeezes her tits hard and make her cry. However it is only the beginning and next punishment is water torture. Mistress control breath of poor witch and monks forces her to drink gallons of rotten water right through her ragged gag making her choke with it. If you want to see all these kinky scenes in full time movies – check this unique fantasy bdsm site right now.

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