Nov 062010

medieval punishment with stinging nettle

Inquisition interrogator knows what they do and each time they invent more and more cruel methods of  medieval punishment of their female prisoners. This time they crucified accused woman and her naked body is exposed for their torments. Monks decide to blindfold her to make this execution more scary and one of them takes stinging nettle and hits all over her nude body and don’t forget most intimate spots. In a matter of second poor victim begins to scream and beg for mercy, her breasts and shaved pussy burn, she suffers from terrible pain, but has no idea what is happening to her. Cruel men are content with results of their medieval punishment but want to inflict more pain to get confession in all since and they clamp pussy lips of sinful witch with clothespins which makes her cry and finally tell them everything they need. You can watch this amazing scene of medieval interrogation on video available on this fantasy bdsm site.

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