Aug 142010

medieval punishment with red hot metal and heavy bondage

Dangerous witch restrained with wooden pillory and metal chains is locked in the dark torture chamber for serious interrogation. She must confess right now in all her terrible since and dark magic that she practiced. Monk prepared severe tortures for this tough woman and they start with whipping her breasts while she is bound in wooden chair especially made for medieval punishment. Next they use screws both on her hands and feet which makes her scream with terrible pain, but it is only the beginning. After that she is fixed in wooden device made for strappado bondage and her exhausted body suffers even more then monks torture and stamp her with red hot metal over her sensitive white skin. Watch the full episode of these cruel punishments right now on this great fantasy bondage adult site.

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Aug 072010

blonde girl punished with pillory on her neck and hands

This poor innocent girl was accused in witchcraft by her envious female neighbour. They always disliked this herbalist for her beauty and now they have good chance for revenge. They inform inquisition that she is real witch and that she practices prohibited magic in her house. Very soon inquisition soldiers come to her place and takes her out of the house ripping all her clothes. They brought heavy wooden pillory and shackles with them and now scared and humiliated woman must crawl all the way to the inquisition interrogation chamber in these stocks on her shoulders. This is really terrible and humiliating medieval torture and all her neighbour can watch her suffering and even whip her up along all long way. You can find much more exclusive medieval inquisition torture pics and videos on thisĀ  fantasy bdsm site right now.

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